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The websites listed below provide useful facts on Vietnam as well as contacts and tools for companies operating in the country:

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Conventions and Indices for Vietnam

UNCAC Status: Signed 10 December 2003. Ratified 19 August 2009.

Status on UNCAC Implementation
This field describes the country's status on the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Please note any declarations and reservations made upon ratification. The list of signatories can be found on the UNODC website. Read more about the UNCAC.

Other Relevant Conventions or Treaties:

OECD Country Risk Classification (0-7): 2013: 7

Country Risk Classification

The classification of countries by risk category has the aim of providing OECD countries with a basis for calculating the premium interest rate to be charged to cover the risk of non-repayment of export credits. Countries are placed in risk categories 0 - 7, with 0 being the lowest risk category and thus the least expensive. Conversely, premium group 7 is the highest risk category. Each classification is comprised of 2 components: 1) an assessment of the country's economic/financial situation, and 2) its overall political stability. Access the complete list of OECD Country Risk Classification figures

Transparency CPI: 2013: 116/177 (Score: 31)

Transparency CPI
This field consists of the ranking and the score for the country in question on the Corruption Perceptions Index from Transparency International.

World Bank CORR Index (-2.5 - +2.5): 2012: -0.56

World Bank Corruption Index
This field consists of the score for the country in question on the 'Control of Corruption' indicator in the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI): 1996-2012.

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